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Focus on what matters most

In this distracing world it is hard to get things done on time. Do you have those days where it feels like nothing really important got accomplished. You focused on the wrong things or find it even hard to focus at all. The worst days are lost days. Futile spent lifetime.

I felt that way

What helped me to prioritze was quieting the chatter in my brain. Every second a unhelpful comment would pop up but with self-awareness I looked at thouse thoughts. Most were distructive or at least distracting. Meditation helps to get there but it is not easy to calm our minds.

Focus with the power of silence

Every time I tried to meditate by myself my reptile brain, was always trying to sway me to things I did in the past or might do in the future. Guided Meditation worked much better but still leaves potental on the table. The most powerful way is Unguided Meditation to get

Why Unguided Meditation?

The tranditional way of Meditation is guided by a narrator and uses Language to overlay our own thoughts. This works well but it uses Language and Language is limited. It uses only a part of our brain. When we let go of thoughts based on words deeper insights can appear.

Start Guided

But to start Unguided, I think, is a long way. Every time I try to think nothing, somthing comes to mind, sneekingly. Beeing late aware of thoughts makes this a slow process. Isn't it better to start with a guided Meditation? When the talking part gets less over time, couldn't this help to raise awareness over time? So in the end, there would be no speaking. Not within and not outside.

When the Guide is not talking anymore?

To support calmness without Language I meditate with swelling calming sounds and soothing animations like spiraling dots. This opens up my whole brain for deeper understanding.

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